On this little blog we want to capture the ‘good’ stories. We want to share the journey’s of ordinary heroes who are making small changes towards living more justly.


We hope you’ll be encouraged, challenged and inspired by our friends as they share their heart and their journey’s with us.



We meet so many people who want to live in a more sustainable way but don't know where to start.


There are some really simple changes we can make to the everyday products we buy and use that will help to reduce the use of plastic and protect our world. Read more about the switches you can make here.


We think the world needs more dialogue. So often we don't know how to wrestle with our own thoughts or the thoughts of others (especially when they're different to ours).


We're passionate about helping people to create spaces and host conversations where meaningful dialogue can take place.

Creating space to explore sustainable lifestyle rhythms 

that are better for you and better for our world.

We call it Just Being.