Food & Drink

A few principles have helped us reduce our waste and eat and drink more sustainably:​

  1. Is this something I can make myself? I know time is often tight, but more often than not it's been easy to make things myself, it's saved us money and it means I know what's going into what I eat.

  2. Is there a plastic-free version of this? Often a little bit of digging around has uncovered some great alternatives

  3. Less is more. Shopping unplanned (or hungry) often leads to me buying more than I need and then throwing away food that I don't get round to before it goes off

  4. Less meat. Finding great veggie dishes or ingredients that you're happy to substitute meat for (like halloumi in a curry!) can help you reduce your meat consumption. 

Home Milk Delivery

Milk & More

I've loved getting milk delivered again, there's a nice mostalgia to it. Milk & More do a great range of milks to suit different preferences. They take the bottles back and reuse them. You can even get some fresh juices in glass bottles as well. They usually deliver 3 days a week, but the days will vary depending on where you live.

Fruit Cheesecake


River Cottage make a lovely yoghurt in a glass jar. It's available with milk & more so easy to get hold of and reasonably priced.

BUT...what has been a recent revelation is how simple it is to make your own (how has no one told me this before?!) Here's the recipe I use. Simple and tasty. Keep it plain, add some vanilla bean, honey or whatever you like! Next on my list is to make Greek Yoghurt...I'll keep you posted!

Rustic Loaf


Milk & More (can you tell I love them) deliver bread wrapped in baking paper, which is great if you don't have the time to bake your own.

Over the next month I'm going to try and make my own breads. I've just come back from the middle east and have been inspired by the tastiness of pittas. I'll share some good recipes when I've done a bit more experimenting.



It's hard to explain our excitement when we discovered that Two Farmers have produced crisps in biodegradable bags. We've just put in our first order for their multi packs and can't wait to try them.

Mezze Dips


I'm a big lover of dips. Why not make your own hummus, guacamole, or whatever else you like. We go through A LOT of hummus in our home, so making our own saves a lot of plastic (and money!). 

Tom Collins on the Dance Floor


Rather than filling your fridges with plastic bottles of fizz get yourself a soda stream! Everyone keeps telling me it's soooo 90's but I'm loving it (especially water with a drop of food grade lemmon essential oil).

For G&T lovers you can get a nice tonic syrup (in a glass bottle). It's nice, but not AMAZING. Just after we got this we noticed that Aldi now does a range of tonic water in glass bottles, so we're going to switch back to that!

Tea Set


I'm a BIG fan of tea. I can go throw many cups each day. I've recently converted to loose leaf tea as another small step towards less packaging. My main tip would be to get loose leaf tea that isn't ground too finely.


When I'm making for myself I use a little strainer like this (with a fine mesh). When making for a few people I'll make it in a tea pot and strain it off as I pour with one like this.

Fresh Coffee Beans


If you're a bit of a coffee snob who avoids using a cafetière you can get metal filters for the AeroPress rather than using disposable ones.

If you use a Nespresso machine, why not switch to refillable coffee capsules rather than the disposable ones.

Fresh Vegetable in Basket

More veg, less meat

Meat (especially red meat) is not environmentally sustainable. We've tried to find a few simple, tasty go-to veg recipes that have become part of our regular dinner times. 


Red meat has become more of a treat for us and we tend to go for chicken or pork when we do eat meat, as it has a lower carbon footprint.


Avoid plastic packaging

You might have a food market nearby that you can go to, but if not, try and shop in supermarkets where you know you can get fruit and veg without plastic packaging. Sometimes this means we meander through a few different shops, but hopefully if we change our shopping habits supermarkets will change theirs too! 

You can also get fruit and veg boxes (yes, you guessed it, Milk & More do those too!)

Vintage Jar Collection

Re-fill stations

We don't have a big re-fill station near us but occasionally I can get to one and manage to fill up on some staples. Have a look online to see if there's one near you! also deliver lots of plastic-free food across the UK. I try to steer away from delivery but it's a great option if you can't find alternatives.

Box of Fresh Fish

Use your own tupperwear

My local supermarkets don't do this yet, but I know that other people have been able to take their own Tupperware to supermarkets or butchers to get fish, meat, cheese etc. packaging free.