Becoming a parent is a major life change - one which brings many, many challenges. Making shifts in this space can therefore feel daunting, especially when you are sleep deprived and torn in a million different directions. But the good news is that there are so many people who've paved the way for us. There are some really helpful facebook pages and blogs with a lot of resources and support.

Another principle we've tried to put in place when it comes to small people is minimalism. For us this has meant limiting toys, presents and general baby 'stuff' that seem essential at the time but often piles up. It has also meant using second-hand clothes and accessories wherever possible.

Below are some of the more eco ideas that have worked for us - we'd love to hear any other ideas you've tried. 

Ting Legs


We've written a series of blogs on using reusable nappies, which you can read here. I'd recommend The Nappy Lady as a fantastic starting point on your cloth nappy journey.  She has an amazing service where she recommends the right nappies for you and your lifestyle.

Check out our health & beauty page for a recipe for a great homemade hand sanitiser!



Reusable cloths are a good alternative to going through lots of baby wipes. Thames21 found 5,000 wet wipes on a riverbank half the size of a tennis court. Normal wet wipes contain plastic and lots of nasty chemicals so why not use a cloth and some water instead? 

Cotton cloths are readily available but you could also look out for some made out of bamboo!

Natural Cosmetics


I keep it simple and use water (with my cloths) when changing nappies, 


Coconut oil is my go-to product for barrier cream, baby massage oil and general moisturiser. You can also check out the health & beauty pages for other moisturiser recipes.


Reusable Food Pouches

Food pouches can be really great for kids. Why not try making your own food and putting it into great reusable food pouches? Less wasted packaging and you know exactly what's going into the food you're giving your child.

You can get some great ones at Super Squish.


Bowls & Beakers

Eden & Willow do a great range of bamboo tableware for kids - including sippy cups!


Bamboo Bamboo do a great suction bowl (for when food might still go flying!).  

Building Blocks

Wooden Toys

There might be some toys that really only come in plastic, but Mulberry Bush do a great selection of wooden toys for babies and toddlers.