Tired of using cling film? Going through lots of tin foil, baking paper, cup cake cases? It's time to get your hands on some simple alternatives that can make your preparing and storing of food more environmentally friendly.


Beeswax wrap

Rather than using cling film to keep food fresh, beeswax wraps are a great alternative! You can make your own by melting beeswax and brushing it onto material, or you can buy them in different patterns and sizes. They're great for wrapping up sandwiches, covering bowls of food and many other things! 


Food huggers

For the smaller items that beeswax wraps might not work brilliantly for, we love these silicone food huggers. They are great covers for the half of a fruit or veg you have left over, or for tins of food you haven't finished off!


Silicone baking mats

A great replacement for baking paper, these silicone mats are brilliant, durable and (in my experience) more non-stick than baking paper! 

Easter Cupcakes

Reusable cup cake cases

Silicone cup cake cases are a great reusable alternative to paper cup cases. I've had mine for years and they're still going strong. You can buy them in most kitchen/baking shops.

Baking Tools


There are lots of wooden or metal alternatives to most of the ​kitchen utensils we use. A slice of green sells a great range of spoons, spatulas, tongs etc. Check them out! They also have a bunch of wooden chopping boards.


Kitchen Roll

If you really feel that you need kitchen roll in your life, why not try out Bambaw's kitchen roll. Every bamboo paper towel is washable and reusable. One roll will last you the equivalent of 65 single-use kitchen rolls!

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