Out & About

It's so easy to find yourself in need of a bottle of water, buying coffee in a take away cup, grabbing a plastic knife and fork so that you can grab some lunch. A few essentials can keep you using these things. We thought we'd done really well to stock up on a bunch of these things and then realised that the real trick was to remember to bring them with you when you go out!!  


Travel mugs

These are obviously available in loads of places. I've been on a hunt for the perfect coffee cup that is big enough, isn't metal or plastic, and is leak proof. I'm currently enjoying this bamboo cup, which ticks some of the boxes but isn't completely leak proof.

I have my eye on the new rCup, which looks FAB and is made from recycled paper cups, but in the spirit of using things up before buying anything new, it'll probably be a while before I get one!

Steel Water Bottle

Water bottles

Similar to the travel mugs, these are widely available and it's probably more about preference than anything else.


Most bottles are BPA-free these days, but always good to check. I prefer glass bottles as you avoid the metalic or plastic taste. 


Bamboo cutlery

It's so handy to have a set of bamboo cutlery (including a straw) on you for those moments when you need to grab food on the go - I always take them to airports with me when I travel! 

Net Bag and Glass Jars

Shopping bags

Again, the trick isn't just having them having them with you when you need them! I have a few tote bags that I use for shopping. Some people like to have separate small bags for fresh fruit and veg but I just bung them all in one bag together.