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We've recently transferred this blog over from juststories.live. In this space we want to capture the ‘good’ stories. We want to share the journey of ordinary heroes who are making small changes towards living more justly. We hope you’ll be encouraged, challenged and inspired by our friends as they share their journey with us.

This blog is very much a community effort… we need YOUR story! If you have a story to share about how you (or someone you know) has been moving towards a more socially, environmentally or economically just way of living, why don’t you get in touch! We’d love to share your story so that together we can inspire others.

Getting going...

A year ago when my husband and I got back from some extended travelling time we made a decision to use the natural 'reset' moment that our being away had provided to make some changes.

For a while we'd felt the need to live in a way that felt more harmonious with the world (including ourselves). We'd made some changes over the years, but nothing that substantial. We talked about things like slowing down and creating space as part of finding a new rhythm, but we also looked at our consumer habits. We really wanted to be more intentional about using our purchase power to bring about the world we wanted to see. We felt troubled by the crisis of climate change, the horrors of never ending plastic, the increased use of chemicals and other 'stuff' in our food and products. We wanted to do something about it.

So we drew a line...no more cleaning or beauty products that came in plastic. That was our starting point.

With the exception of some nasty blocked sinks and mouldy windows that called for something more mainstream, and the occasional moment of finding hidden plastic in our purchases, we've done pretty well. Not perfect, but well.

I wanted to share some of our what has helped us over the past year...

1. We chose a place to start. We didn't try to tackle everything at once or beat ourselves up about the areas that we weren't doing so well in (food packaging took a while). We worked out what felt manageable for us, started there and let it lead us into other things later.

2. We joined in with others doing the same thing. I tried not to feel intimidated by people who were further along on the journey but instead took inspiration from them and learnt from what they were doing. I started following @plasticfreedom and @simply.living.well (amongst others) on Instagram and found myself in a community of people trying to do the same thing as me.

3. We used up what we had. I'm a bit all-or-nothing so I found myself wanting to jump into 'out with the old, in with the new'; purging any plastic from our house and buying lots of new things. I realised that this was not only impractical (and expensive), it was also wasteful.

4. I knew that making things look and feel nice would make the transition easier for me. I found some really nice amber glass bottles to put my cleaning products in, I bought new soap dispensers to put my dissolved shampoo and conditioner bars in (see here)...I bought a few things that made my feel excited about the changes we were making, and it really helped.

5. I had fun with it. I have a full time job and I'm studying a part-time MSc. Life is fairly busy. What I thought would be an extra burden in an already full-up life has not turned out to be that. It's actually helped me rediscover my creativity and the importance of slowing down. I've done making days with other people and turned it into something fun. Too much of life is serious and intense - I needed this to be enjoyable.

I hope this new site helps those of you who are on a similar journey (or are intrigued by the increase of hippies in our midst). When I started out I really wanted there to be a website that made things super simple for me and pointed me towards some simple changes I could make in different areas of my life. I couldn't find one....so we decided to make one.

I hope you enjoy this space, and feel welcome to add to it over time so that we can all learn from one another. Use the comments, or send us a note using the form below!


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