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We've recently transferred this blog over from juststories.live. In this space we want to capture the ‘good’ stories. We want to share the journey of ordinary heroes who are making small changes towards living more justly. We hope you’ll be encouraged, challenged and inspired by our friends as they share their journey with us.

This blog is very much a community effort… we need YOUR story! If you have a story to share about how you (or someone you know) has been moving towards a more socially, environmentally or economically just way of living, why don’t you get in touch! We’d love to share your story so that together we can inspire others.

It’s Fashion Month

So September is all about fashion. In fact its one big back-to-back fashion extravaganza! This week is New York Fashion Week followed by London next week, Milan the next and Paris the week after that. It’s a time of changing seasons, exquisite fabrics, beautiful people and clothes, clothes, clothes.

Such a different world from the one I find myself in at the moment with my soon-to-be-12-week-old!

It’s also a world where justice is too often ignored and injustice – social, environmental and economic – is too rife.

And so, as the spotlight falls on the world’s catwalks lets pause and look at some different stories. Stories from people who love clothes, fashion or shopping but who are looking for a different way.

This month we’ve got stories from people who’ve started or are working at ethical fashion brands, from fashion bloggers and from ordinary people trying to live, shop and think about clothes in a different way.

So if fashion and clothes are a particular interest of yours… or actually if you’re anyone choosing what to wear everyday… follow the blog to stay tuned this month.


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