Just Switch

We meet so many people who want to live in a more ethical and sustainable way but don't know where to start. There are some really simple changes we can make to the everyday products we buy and use that will help to reduce the use of plastic and protect our world.

Have a look in the sections below at some of the simple changes we've been making that don't cost a lot or take too much time to prepare. Please let us know if there are other simple switches you've made!

Cosmetic Products

Health & Beauty

With all the different products on offer to make us look and feel great, our bathrooms can easily get filled with plastic bottles. Thankfully there are lots of alternatives!

Girl Holding Take-Away Coffee

Out & About

Convenience is a killer. When you're out and about and want to grab a quick coffee or snack it's easy end up with disposable cups, plastic cutlery and bottles soft drink. 

Salad Spoons


Tired of using cling film? Going through lots of tin foil, baking paper, cup cake cases? Time to get your hands on some reusables.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Food & Drink

Supermarkets are starting to wake up, but there's still so much plastic wrapped around the food and drink we buy. Check out our helpful tips and simple switches.

Cleaning Products


Spending too much money on lots of (toxic) cleaning products? Try some homemade, natural, or concentrated alternatives. 

Parent and Child


Is it possible to have small children and reduce your plastic without going insane? Take a look at some simple switches that don't add too much stress to your life!